Gas, energy and great changes

The gasworks were a step into the modern era marked by fossile energy. Over a few decades in the late 19 century Denmark was transformed into a modern industrial society, with smoking chimneys economic growth and social progress. The first gasworks was built in H C Andersens native town Odense in 1853. The following generations witnessed the erection of more than 100 gasworks. The town gasworks became a sign of industriousness and progress.

After World War II bottled gas became available for people living in the countryside and in smaller communities. In many farms and villages people had the the wood or turf fired stove replaced with gas cookers. Now energy demanding trades and industries could be established outside of the urban centres.

After the energy crisis in the 1970s, fossile ressources in the North Sea becama a hot topic. In the 1980s, 90s and 00s stable suppplies of oil and natural gas ensured renewed prosperity, and public welfare

In the future decades gas will play a prominent part in supplying energy for the Danish population. Either as natural gas, biogas or in the form of "blue" gasses produced from solar energy and wind power.

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